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Our Mission
Roseann's Gift is dedicated to fighting lung cancer by raising awareness and increasing funding to detect lung cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages. This fund has been set up through the National Lung Cancer Partnership.

The Woman Behind the Gift
Roseann's greatest joy was helping others. Unfortunately, the world lost Roseann and her generous spirit when she succumbed to lung cancer in 2006. Like over 85% of lung cancer victims, Roseann's disease went undiagnosed until the cancer had traveled outside her lung, giving her virtually unbeatable odds.

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A Fitting Tribute
After losing Roseann, her daughter Kellie resolved that the only proper way to honor her mother's life was to carry on her legacy of giving. In 2007, Kellie and her husband, Jeff, founded Roseann's Gift, ensuring that Roseann's spirit of giving to others would always live on.

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